Kansas On My Mind

Valerie Boman
Quilter, Designer 
1997 NQA Certified Judge


Raspberry Ripple




I am available all year long, with no regard for "seasons", 
and I am willing to travel to any part of the country.

  I have taken assignments with as much as two years notice, 
and as little as a few days...  just ask!
  I will do what I can to accommodate your needs. 
I am very flexible and easy to work with.  

I live near a city that is a major airline hub (Phoenix), 
and can generally get tickets for a very reasonable price.

See my judging experience and quilting-related credentials here.


I have never set a specific fee for any of my judging assignments. 
 I will work with you, and have consideration for your budget.
I am always convinced we can come to terms that we can all agree upon. 
Throughout the years, I have never felt that anyone has taken advantage of my policy.





email me at: Valerie.Boman@cox.net

Last updated October 15, 2016

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